EB's Pics



Front Door-1

Front Door-2

From Front Door - Foyer

Living Rm

Butler Pantry (in Hall between LivingRm & Kitchen


Stackable Washer & Dryer

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2


Back area

Back area-another view

Side door-hall area

Navy Ball - 13SEP07 - Montgomery, AL

New Abode

Newest Pic of ODC Group - 31JAN06

Garmisch, Germany - 07-20JAN06

TAG Fall Cave-In 07-09Oct05
Enterance to Petty Johns   Pancake   EB&John 

Visit w/ Michael Kutadaladze-18AUG05
 At Walter Reed   Wood, Tony, EB & Mueck 

Other Visitors of Michael - 
 Condi Rice    Pres Bush    Vechicle


New Home - 2005

    Tbilisi, Georgia (21Aug-15Feb05) 

Baku - pics on their way....

Bakuriani - these too are coming.... promise

New Years!!!

Christmas Gatherings

Yerevan, Armenia


Marine Ball - 13NOV04

The Circus


"For those who complained of being neglected..."


Country and Office Building

Hungary, Vienna, Salzburg, Munich, Prague - European Vacation'04
Mom and I @ the Eagle's Nest  

My Pal Trey 'Smurf' Murphy
Smurf w/ 1,000 of his closest friends - on his Bday in Chicago   
Smurf - you gonna eat that entire piece of cake! 

The Boys (Boudreaux and Thibideaux)
Relaxing at Home  

Easter'04 @ Uncle Al's and Grandma Hackett's in Flint, MI
Bowling Practice!  Uncle Al and his gang  
Meredith, Me, Katie  w/ Grandma  
My Great Aunt Liz and Uncle George  w/ Scott and Susan's kids (Jack & Munro)  

1st Jump - Skydiving!!!!  18OCT03
IN the Plane  OUT the Plane  
Practice Pull  Altitude Check
Good to GO  PULL
Chute Deploying!  "Floating" Down

Shuttle Missions - 16JAN03:
STS107-Crew  STS107-Crew Data  
Shuttle Security (short)  Shuttle Security Full Article

Kuwait July'01:
There we were! Bravo Crew  
EB in OM2-1 EB in OM2-2 Tent Life Bunker Dive Schaede in OM1  
Dinner Time The Rock Radar The Locals  
Pat "Mr. EPT"  Carl on Duty  Goodbye

Guard Family:
117 ACS  LTC Rumsey
LTC Downing   Chief Terrell   George Wall & Chief Pepper   Maj King
Ron & Brenda Speir   Elaine Claxton   Brenda Garrett   David West   John Eddington
Guzman   Ron Brown   Wanda & OP   Andrew Pierce   EB in Blues

Dad & Siblings circa 1955 
The 70's  Dad's Best   Dad goin' runnin'  Kim, Dad, & Me
Aunt Kathy & Dad   Kim's Crew  Uncle Lawrence
The Nephews  Christine's Crew  Christine & Josh  Dad & The Grandkids
Uncle Al's Crew  That's Not Daddy!  Aunt Jean, Mom, & Uncle Al  

The Marino's  Matthew's off to work
  Elisa Aponte   Elisa & Richard  Fielding Alderman  Ms. Carol
Jack & Kim    Tex in front of Lovre   The Brown's   Ms Carol & grandbaby 
Jake   Darryl   Tex & Cowboy Heading to a Shindig
Lamont Bryant Lamont & Fielding  Happy Grads 
The Galino's  My they grow Fast!   

Karen's Wedding 10AUG02:
Aunt Fae  Priest&Groom  Sherri&Lamont  Liz&Bernard  Tina
Anthony&Christina  Wedding Party  Bride&Daddy  Bride&Momma  Just Married 
Bride&Groom  4Bridesmaids  Cake  Parents  Sherri&Lamont  Anthony&Christina  
Is That a Bug on the Ceiling?  Happy Participants  Bride&Groom
Asia  1st Dance  Rings  Garter  Karen&Lorraine

Cool Shots: 
Ron @ Shuttle  
  F-16 Behind Tanker   F-16 on Tanker   Tex over Saudi
Housing Complex      Tex & U2 Pilots in Saudi
WD Training - Knop   WD Training - Mack, Cowboy, Instructor, etc.   
WD Training - Instructor & EB
    Dad & his crew from work   EB @ Tyndall AFB 
Discovery  100th Mission Crew